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Let the Yums Begin!

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Last night, over dinner at Drago Centro, I announced to my husband-of-one-month, “I’m going to start a food blog.” He thought it a fab idea, as I already constantly take pictures of food, and I think he wants me to spend more time in the office room with him.

(The photo above was my entree – the special, wild mushroom risotto with shaved black truffles. It is my strongly held opinion that when the special has ‘shaved black truffles’ in the name, one will never regret ordering it.)

To be clear, I know the internets are not clamoring for another food blog. Thing is, I want to write one. I’m going to write about my cushy foodie thoughts and experiences. (And by “cushy”, I mean better-than-world-average. We just got back from a honeymoon in South Africa, so you’re going to have to endure a certain world-conscious tone for a while. It’ll wear off.) Yes, there will be swanky restaurants. There will also be food trucks and roadside stops and whatever’s happening in our kitchen. I will ask questions, state opinions, and share drool-worthy anecdotes.

So as the chefs say, please enjoy.


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