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Auntie Em’s

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I would have come up with a more pithy title for this post, but I spent the morning with two sets of twins under 5, so literalism is all I can manage.

We’re here today to talk about brunch. This is not the same as breakfast. Brunch is for weekends, pre-shower, no arriving before 10, and nowhere to be afterwards (except back in bed.) Brunch is for carbs and syrup and runny eggs and melty cheese. Bunch is often too dressed up. Brunch should not require makeup or nice shoes. A brunch destination should be populated by more hungover college kids than senior citizens or toddlers. It is for all these reasons that we celebrate Auntie Em’s.

The place feels like your favorite post-binge breakfast joint. They’ll probably be out of the thing you want by the time you get there, but it’s ok because the thing you order instead is amazing. Yes, the hipster factor is high. Yes, you’ll probably have to wait a bit for a table. Yes, the coffee is self-serve. Get over it.

This Sunday, I had the spinach strata (because they were mercifully out of sausage and cheddar grits), and Hubs had the pancakes. Those are blackberries, strawberries, and coconut shavings – he left off the bananas. Thank Jeebus, because those pancakes took some work. The strata was excellent – like a slightly deconstructed quiche, with ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella – but light and savory with a perfect burnt cheese crust. 

They do lunch too – delicious fresh soups, non-boring sandwiches, and mac and cheese – my heroin. Follow Auntie Em’s on Twitter, and you’ll be tipped off to the specials. If you’re ambitious/sober enough, you might even get there in time to catch the grits.