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Tonight, my dear friend D and I had a friend-date. Unremarkable Thai for dinner (how great would it be if that had been the name of the restaurant?) and thenĀ a special performance of Easy Targets by The Burglars of Hamm at Sacred Fools. It’s a show I’ve done by people I like at a place I’ve worked, but the real draw was that it was a fundraiser for The Uma Fund. (If you need some good juju in your life, donate $5. Then brag about it to anyone sitting near you.)

Good deeds aside, one of the best parts about Sacred Fools is its proximity to Scoops, a small, cash-only, hipster ice cream parlor. I know, it sounds annoying – but the ice cream is SO STRANGE AND YUMMY. And these hipsters suck at math, so 1 scoop = 2 flavors. The flavors are ever changing, and I always feel a little guilty about the number of little plastic spoons I go through while narrowing down my choices, but I’m sure they have a magic recycling robot out back.

Anyway, behold tonight’s combo – Chocolate Lavender, and Mascarpone with Cacao Nibs.

I was shocked not to want the Jim Beam Coffee & Cream, as I usually love the boozy selection(s), but this was the way to go. I believe D got Banana Hazelnut (which tasted like ice-creamified banana bread) and Pistachio Melon. Both stupidly good.

And then we got to throw things at our friends for a good cause. Can you say perfect evening?